Current Volkswagen Models

Current Volkswagen Models
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Volkswagen has developed a reputation as a classic car company with a sleek and efficient range of models. While they are most known for their iconic Beetle, a version of which is still on the market today, they also have a great variety of sedans, SUVs, convertibles, and more. The 2016 and 2017 range of models has plenty to choose from, and it can be difficult for a Volkswagen enthusiast to choose just one. Here are our favorite Volkswagen models this year.


This is one of Volkswagen’s other best-known models, and it’s easy to see why. The small sedan is a great choice for professionals and families alike, and it combines style with practicality. It comes with several tech applications to make driving easier, such as smartphone connection, detailed mapping and directions systems, and satellite radio with powerful audio system. It also features blind spot and rearview cameras as well as parking assistance.


vw-egolfElectric cars are all the rage right now, which is why Volkswagen has developed an electric version of its popular Golf compact. While it is currently only available in select states, it is expected to gain more popularity as people switch to a more eco-friendly lifestyle. The e-Golf gets 83 miles per charge and has absolutely no tailpipe emissions. You can switch between three driving modes to balance eco-friendliness with strong driving power. It comes in a premium version as well, which has an onboard charger.

Beetle Convertible

If you look for style in your vehicle choices, this is the ultimate car for you. Not only does it have the classic groovy style of the Beetle, but it is also a convertible, so you can enjoy the beautiful weather as you drive. The top pulls down with just the push of a button, and runs very smoothly. It has a very comfortable interior complete with smartphone connect, which works with compatible apps to help you stay connected and entertained while you are driving. Like many of Volkswagen’s other models, it also offers blind spot and rearview cameras and alerts.


vw-tiguanThis model, which is part of Volkswagen’s SUV range, is designed to be highly versatile, and is perfect for families. It comes in five different colors, and it has four wheel drive and 200 horsepower. It is specifically designed to handle both country and city driving, making it a great road trip car. It also features many of the innovative tech tools that Volkswagen has been putting in their entire line, such as integrated satellite radio, keyless engine access, and highly detailed mapping features.

No matter which Volkswagen model you choose, you can count on it having the company’s signature classic style, combined with a user-friendly interior and a strong, powerful engine. With new features like driver assisting sensors and smartphone connectivity, the brand is proving that it can innovate as well. With their new foray into electric cars, they are also proving that they can be environmentally friendly as well. We’re excited to see what they come up with next.