How To Fix Common Volkswagen Problems

How To Fix Common Volkswagen Problems
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The Volkswagen brand is one of the most recognizable car companies in the world. They have developed a highly respected international presence and have a history that dates back nearly 80 years. Many of their cars have become very iconic and are favorites of car enthusiasts around the globe. However, just like any car, they do occasionally have problems. If you start to encounter an issue with your Volkswagen, take it into a repair professional as soon as you can, and discuss potential solutions to the problem. Here are some of the most common problems that Volkswagen owners encounter and how to deal with them.

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The check engine light comes on, even though there is no sign of malfunction or maintenance needed.

For whatever reason, this has become an incredibly common issue with many different models of Volkswagen. There are a few different reasons why this might happen. The first is because there is an issue with the glow plugs on your dashboard, which causes the light to illuminate unnecessarily. To fix this, you will need to go in and reconnect the glow plugs correctly.

Another common reason why this happens is because there is an issue with the temperature sensor in the engine, which will require replacement to fix the problem. Finally, the light may illuminate due to issues with the EVAP system, which could affect the sensors in the engine. If you begin to notice that the check engine light is coming on even when the car appears to be driving with no problem, first be sure that there is in fact nothing wrong with the engine, and then take it to a professional who can help you replace the necessary parts.


The windows don’t roll up and down properly, or get stuck.

This problem has been observed in many models of the Volkswagen Beetle. The windows may roll down but not go up all the way, or get stuck at a midway point. Some windows don’t roll up and down at all, or even skew off track. This is due to a very common problem with the power window regulator. You will need to replace this component for the windows to work again.

My automatic transmission has problems switching gears.

This is a problem that occurs in many older car models, not just Volkswagens. This can make for a serious challenge when driving, especially in hilly areas. You may notice that the transmission heats up or makes strange noises. Unfortunately, you will probably need to replace the transmission in the car to fix this problem. You should consult your mechanic right away if you notice problems with your transmission.

There is an engine oil leak.

This isn’t a particularly common problem with all Volkswagens, but it has been noticed on some older models of the Passat. You will likely notice the smell of burning oil right away if this is happening. You may need to replace one of the gaskets in your engine to correct this problem. Take your car to a professional as soon as you can if this is happening to prevent dangerous engine fires or overheating.